After School Clubs

We are pleased to offer the following clubs from 12th March  for 8 weeks 2018.  Clubs will run from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.



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Art Club Sr Ayisha

(Key Stage 1 teacher)

Creative time to design, make fun projects and relax. Work with different medias and create works of art. KS1/2 £5 per week –

8 weeks = £40

Tuition club Sr Erum (Key Stage 2 teacher) Get help with your homework or develop your Numeracy and Literacy skills. Work will be targeted to each child’s individual needs. KS1/2 £5 per week –

8 weeks = £40



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Archery Club Br Najeeb


(After school club instructor)

A sport recommended by the messenger of Allah (pbuh), and an excellent skill to learn and master.

Archery helps develop the following:

· Upper body strength,  Patience, Concentration & focus,  Hand-eye coordination, Balance and more!

Taught in a fun and engaging way by Qualified archery instructor, Brother Najeeb.

KS2 £6 per week –

8 weeks = £48

Computer programming club Sr Erum


Learn computer programming techniques during practical sessions after school.  This hands-on club will give your child skills to debug programs, design animations, use photo imagining, coding and much more. KS1/ 2 £5 per week –

8 weeks = £40






Club Instructor Information about club For Cost
Football Br Andrew Harvey

(Football coach)

YAWS offer a football program  which consists of warm ups based on fun themes, development in the areas of passing, dribbling, shooting, heading, turns, defending and skills. KS2 £6 per week –

8 weeks = £48


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