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The latest inspection report will be sent to parents of the school within 5 school days of publication. An electronic copy is available to download from this website or a paper copy will be available to prospective and current parents on request.

March 2016 Progress Monitoring School Report:

This one day inspection was undertaken in order to monitor the progress the school has made in its implementation of the action plan written to tackle the unmet independent school standard identified during the previous inspection.

Alhumdulilah the inspection found the standard to have been met.

“In September 2015 leaders implemented their action plan by introducing a new behaviour management system across the whole school. This system includes rewards for positive behaviour. Appropriate sanctions are used when behaviour is unacceptable. The system is consistently applied by all members of staff. As a result, behaviour has significantly improved.”

July 2015 Inspection Report:

The school was last inspected by the Bridge Schools Inspectorate in July 2015. (6th – 9th July) Bridge Schools Inspectorate (BSI) is an independent inspectorate approved by the Department for Education and monitored by Ofsted.

Inspectors were impressed with the way the school team all worked together to make a difference to the children’s school experience:

“ The Governors, Principal and Management group work effectively together to promote pupils learning and well being.”

“ The Principal’s determined leadership and management, together with the capable members of the management team, has ensured that there is a shared vision to achieve the schools aims and for the well-being and high achievement of all pupils.”

The enthusiasm the children displayed for their learning was commended by the inspection team:

“Pupils are exuberant learners and this contributes to their enjoyment of school.”

Our Early Years Unit took star position with inspectors commending a variety of areas. From the partnership the department has with parents………:

“The school values highly the partnership it has with parents and welcomes information they may wish to share with the school, in order to build up further a full picture of the school.”

…………… to the excellent outdoor facilities:

“A particular feature of the EYFS unit is the outdoor provision, an area which has been well developed since the last inspection. Here the pupils can take part in a wealth of well planned activities using a range of good quality equipment.”

Our congratulations go to the Early Years staff whose hard work and effectiveness was recognised in this summary:

“The pupils in the EYFS unit are happy, confident and enjoy coming to school. It provides a safe, secure and stimulating setting for them to learn and develop and they are well prepared for their future challenges in Key Stage 1”

At Date Valley we say we are ‘advocates of whole child education’. This means we recognise that children need to learn and develop through many different ways. It was encouraging to be recognised and commended as a school that works hard to fulfill the title of ‘whole child education’:

“The curriculum is greatly enriched by activities and trips to broaden pupils experiences. Pupils say they enjoy these very much and older pupils often make a good contribution in helping to arrange these events, developing their social skills and sense of responsibility.”

Masha’Allah the Islamic ethos of the school was observed and seen to be a strength of the school:

“The Islamic ethos permeates throughout the whole school with the daily practice of short duas before most of the lessons, congregational prayers and daily reminders of hadith. The pupils perform their daily salaat (prayers) with reverence, enhancing their spirituality and helping them to grow in their faith.”

“The focus on morality and development of character is strong throughout the school”

Alhumdulillah our children were seen to be happy and enthusiastic. The inspectors were confident in saying that they were well looked after children who loved learning:

“Pupils are happy, confident and enthusiastic learners who are keen to contribute to lessons and who enjoy their learning. They say that they feel safe in their school and enjoy coming. Attendance is excellent. Pupils know who to talk to when problems arise and are confident that such matters will be dealt with fairly by their teachers.”

Congratulations to all our staff and children who made such a positive report a reality.

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Inspection Report

Ofsted Report 16th March 2016

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