PTFC Officers Elections Summer 2018 for September 2018 start.

The two-year term in office in the PTFC is ending at the end of this term, in shaa Allah. Thus, we are seeking three officers to take on key positions of responsibility in the PTFC from September 2018, in shaa Allah.

The following positions are open for nominations:

* Chair

* Deputy Chair

* Treasurer

Potential officers can be nominated by parents, staff or the wider community, in shaa Allah.


* Contact the school office for a nomination form (also attached):

PTFC nomination form 2018

* A nominee can be nominated for more than one position

* Complete and return nomination form by Friday 18th May 2018


* The school administration will compile a list of nominees and ask all parents and staff to vote via a ballot

* Ballot papers will include a brief summary of relevant information taken from the nominee’s form

* The ballot process will allow parents to identify their first, second and third preferences, thus voting for the nominee they feel best meets the requirements of the position

* Ballot forms will be sent out by Wednesday 23rd May 2018. The submission date is set for Monday 4th June 2018.

* An email announcement of the successful PTFC officers can be expected by Friday 8th June 2018, in shaa Allah.

We make duaa that the new PTFC officers take up their positions with enthusiasm and energy, with the intention of pleasing Allah through their planning and actions, ameen. We ask Allah to bless this venture and allow us to develop positively, whilst always working for His pleasure. Ameen. Jazakumullahu Khairun,

DVST Board



1) Social Wellbeing: Develop extended relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school.

2) Fundraising: Engage in activities which support the school and advance the education of the pupils attending it.

3) Provision: Provide and assist in the provision of such facilities or items for education at the school as determined by the PTFC in consultation with School Management.


The PTFC may exercise the following in furtherance of its objectives:

1) Carry out the objects of the PTFC

2) Provide advice

3) Publish or distribute information

4) Acquire or hire property of any kind

5) Obtain and pay for goods and services as necessary for carrying out the work of the PTFC

6) Hold support meetings for members and other organisations

7) Organise social activities between the school, staff, parents and the wider community including representatives of accepted voluntary organisations and individuals

8) Raise funds and invite and receive contributions, subject to the condition that in raising such funds the PTFC shall not undertake any substantial permanent trading activities and it shall conform to any relevant requirements of the law

9) All property / money received by / for the PTFC shall be applied for the objects of the PTFC

For the full PTFC Framework, please see the document attached:

PTFC Framework 2018


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