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Date Valley School Trust


Date Valley School Trust is for parents who would like their children to learn in an Islamic environment. The development of the child’s rounded Islamic personality should be of paramount importance for all responsible Muslim parents.

Islam is a way of life and we do not believe that a child’s education and religious education can be separated. A child has to learn that he or she is always a Muslim regardless of where the child is.

At Date Valley School Trust, we hope to create a centre of learning with an ethos where young Muslims can receive a broad and balanced education. We teach according to the National Curriculum, adapting the curriculum where appropriate to be Islamic and to meet the needs of Muslim children.

We hope that all our children will be given the opportunity to develop a secure sense of self-identity, thus promoting confidence and helping them to advance in higher education, as they develop into responsible members of the culturally diverse society in which they live.

If you want your child to attend Date Valley School a Registration Form will need to be completed and hand it in to the school with the appropriate administration fee. This will ensure your child is placed on the waiting list. /docs/Registration_Form_updated_December_2020.pdf

Please contact the school if you are unable to download or print the form, we will be happy to post it out to you.

Jazak Allahu Khairun.