Arabic and Quran

Arabic and Quran Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2

We have been looking at ways in which we can improve on our Arabic curriculum and provide the greatest benefit to our children.

It is beneficial and rewarding for our children to learn Arabic as a way of improving their understanding of the Deen, Insha Allah.

The main objectives are:

Increasing the child’s ability in the reading of classical Arabic. (Arabic used in the Quran and hadith)
Allowing the child to understanding what they read and memorise from the Quran, Hadith and duas.
Providing the child with the capability of accessing the tafseer of the Quran and hadith in Arabic and relying less on the English translation.
The children will be focussing on the following areas:

Memorisation of the Quran.
Reading of the Quran. The focus is not to complete the Quran but to become proficient in reading, to be able to read with Tajweed, to understand that the Quran is a book of guidance and to have some knowledge of some of the lessons contained within the Quran.
Learning the meanings and spellings of the Quranic Arabic vocabulary.
Study of Hadith.
Learning the Names of Allah and understanding the meanings.
Memorisation of Duas.
Studying Duas that do not require memorisation.
Hand Writing practice.
Listening skills through spoken Arabic in the class and listening to talks and tafseer of the Quran in Arabic.
General understanding of Quranic Arabic.
Outcome of Arabic and Quran Curriculum if studied from Year 1 to Year 6.

Quran memorization:
Juz Amma, of Juz Tabarak, Aytul Qursi, Last two Ayats of Surah Bakarah, First ten Ayats of Surah Khaf, Surah Yaseen (or to have made a start)
Tajweed rules:
Children to have been introduced to all Tajweed rules and to be fairly proficient in recognizing in the Quran.
Quran vocabulary:
Over the 6 years the children will learn the meaning of specific vocabulary that appears in the Quran frequently. We will be helping the children to be able to understand part of the Quran as they read, Insha Allah. Our aim is to encourage the children to learn the meanings of 500-600 words from the Quran, Insha Allah.
33 Hadith to be memorized in English and Arabic over the 6 years. In addition, 3 important Hadith to be studied in years 5 and 6 and to be memorized in English. (Arabic optional)
Names of Allah:
All 99 Names to be memorized and an understanding of the names to develop over the years, with Year 6 children able to understand the importance of meanings in greater detail.
Basic duas that we use in our daily life. (Istikarah, Qunoot in Witr, Istighfaar etc)