Curriculum Booklet

Curriculum Information Booklet – to be read and referred to for information of all curriculum areas as and when required

This booklet provides an overview of the school’s curriculum and the school’s assessment, recording and reporting systems. It aims to provide information to enable parents to support their child’s learning and provide information that will enable parents and children to maximise their learning opportunities whilst at Date Valley School

Parents / Carers and Communication with School

A successful partnership between parents and the school is the most powerful tool for successful learning. The more a parent knows about what their child is doing whilst at school and the more willing they are to participate in their child’s learning process the more productive their child’s time at school is likely to be.

Curriculum Book 2017 to 2018

A Parents Guide to Maths Mastery in Reception

A Parents Guide to Maths Mastery

Addition & Subtraction Calculation Strategies

Multiplication & Division Calculation Strategies

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