Inspection Report

Following an inspection, a copy of the report will be sent to parents of the school within 5 school days of publication. An electronic copy is available to download from this website or a paper copy will be available to prospective and current parents on request. 

Ofsted Inspection March 2019 – Full report available to view via link listed below. 

We are pleased to announce the school has met all the required independent school standards and have progressed to an overall grade of ‘Requires Improvement.’  

Alhamdulilah, we are very pleased with this achievement as it reflects and recognises the efforts the leadership and staff team have made and shows that the school is moving in the right direction. 

Post-Ofsted Update Leaflet ( Post-Ofsted Update Leaflet ) provides a summary of the March 2019 report. 

Ofsted highlighted the following strengths of the school; 


  • The school’s ethos of ‘respect, resilience, reflect’ has a positive impact on the pupils’ personal development and welfare 


  • The chair of trustees continues to play an active and very direct role in quality assuring the work of leaders and the performance management of the headteacher 


  • The headteacher has started to improve the school. She has a strength of purpose and professional knowledge about how pupils learn, which is having a positive impact on pupils learning 


  • Pupils develop strong problem solving and problem-solving skills in mathematics 


  • Pupils have started making progress in writing  


  • There is a rigorous progress for observing teaching and scrutinising of pupils’ work. Staff are set targets and get regular feedback so they can improve. They are very positive about the support they get to develop their teaching 


  • Pupils’ behaviour around the school is orderly and polite. They are kind and helpful 


  • Pupils make strong progress in Year 3 and 4 in a range of subjects 


Ofsted are satisfied that the school is making progress towards providing high quality teaching for all our children. They recognised that significant progress had been made in a short timeframe as our leadership structure only changed in September 2018. 


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