Inspection Report

Following an inspection, a copy of the report will be sent to parents of the school within 5 school days of publication. An electronic copy is available to download from this website or a paper copy will be available to prospective and current parents on request.

Ofsted Monitoring Visit June 2018

Since the full inspection of September 2017, the school’s Senior Leadership Team and the Trust Board have been working together, closely analysing the recommendations from the Ofsted report. In response to this report a comprehensive action plan was submitted and accepted by the DfE in February 2018. This action plan highlighted systems and procedures being implemented to rapidly improve the school, specifically within Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment.

Ofsted returned to Date Valley on 27th June 2018 to monitor the impact of our efforts and confirm the school is acting on the agreed action points.

The monitoring visit report is available to read in full via the link listed below.

Ofsted found:

In response to the quality of the curriculum: ‘Leaders have taken effective action to produce plans and schemes of work to address these weakness’

In response to pupils’ cultural development within the foundation subjects: ‘There is a good focus on enhancing pupils’ skills in sketching and use of different textures in art work. There are also opportunities for pupils to role play, participate in drama classes, make presentations and visit the theatre.’

Ofsted found that ‘senior leaders, with strong leadership from the headteacher, have made some positive progress in meeting the unmet standards. Teachers know their pupils well. They use assessment well to plan for the needs of pupils, including for the most able pupils. The proprietor visits the school regularly to provide support and challenge to senior leaders to help the school improve.’

They commented on our resources stating ‘resources are used well overall. For example, interactive whiteboards, mini whiteboards and computers are used well to support pupils’ learning. In the early years, children in the Reception class had access to a variety of resources in the ‘bakery shop’ to make ‘cakes’ and use dough and cardboard to make and decorate shapes of a ginger-bread man. The outdoor area is also resourced well to support children’s learning.’

‘There is a strong culture of safeguarding. Leaders and staff know the procedures to follow if they have any concerns about a pupil’s safety and well-being. There are good links with parents and external agencies, including the local authority, to keep pupils safe.’

In summary four of the seven standards were met at the time of this monitoring visit.

The school staff are working hard to ensure the following unmet standards are met when Ofsted return in 2019.

* The proprietor must ensure that the teaching at the school enables pupils to acquire new knowledge and make good progress according to their ability so that they increase their understanding and develop their skills in the subjects taught. (3 and 3(a))

* The proprietor must ensure that the teaching at the school involves well-planned lessons and effective teaching methods, activities and management of class time. (3 and 3(c))

* As the two standards mentioned above are unmet, this standard cannot be met, until such time as all standards are met. The proprietor must ensure that persons with leadership and management responsibilities at the school demonstrate good skills and knowledge appropriate to their role and fulfill the responsibilities effectively so that the independent school standards are met consistently. (34(1), 34(1(a) and 34(1)(b))

A further action plan was submitted and accepted by the DfE in December 2018. The plan stipulates detailed focuses within the quality of education provided. We anticipate a second monitoring visit from Ofsted in the imminent future.


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